Elevate Your Wardrobe, Embrace Yohaan: Fashion Refined

Why Comfort is the Ultimate Fashion Statement!

Clothing has significantly transformed in the past few decades from a basic necessity to a power statement. Today, clothing involves embodying a style being a medium of personal expression while being silent. However, within all of this hip and jazz, the basic tenet of clothing to me is still comfort. My choice of clothing is of course influenced by brands, but underneath it is a relying on the credibility that brands have built of providing comfortable, good quality clothing over the years. It is not that I totally ignore fashion trends or don’t look into the cost of the clothes, but finding a piece of comfortable clothing is more important than others. While brands today focus on making fashionable clothes, the most important for the bulk of the working-class population is wearing something that makes life easy. Be it working from indoors or sometimes stepping out, I prefer to wear a piece of cloth that makes my day pleasant. It could be a pair of cotton pants and a loose shirt or shorts and a t-shirt. Comfort triumphs it all when it comes to fashion for me!


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